Elopements are an (tend to be more) intimate wedding affair with only a handful of close guests to celebrate your vows on your special day. 

Couples have many different reasons and ways to go about planning an elopement, so tell us your dreams and let us design an experience unique to you! 


Intimate Elopement Package

Laced Events is all about taking the weight off of you as a couple and creating a day that you purely show up to and enjoy!

The great benefit of an elopement wedding is that the experience can cater to particular wishes and special needs outside of a traditional ceremony. It can be completely unique and create a stress-free memory to last a lifetime with those you’re closest to.

Through our preplanning “meet and dream” we will have sat down and talked about everything that is important to you for this ceremony. Next, we will have researched a perfect hair and makeup stylist, ceremony location, design set up, photographer, and officiant to make this day truly something to remember for years to come!

This package is unique because even the sky isn’t the limit!

Why Eloping is perfect for you?

Less stress: Couples that choose to have a large wedding, also have larger responsibilities to entertain their quests. This is through: décor, seating, feeding, dancing, etc. With elopements you don’t have this at all, or it is on a much smaller scale. With less people also comes less urgency to make decisions as well as less costs than a traditional wedding.

Family and friends: We all have our crazy special family members with unique situations that have to be specially catered to. It could be that you just moved and you’re not able to be near the family and friends you’d like to have there. Eloping allows couples the luxury of getting married and capturing those sweet moments to share with family and friends. Then they can later join those loved ones have a reception at a later time to celebrate all together.

Location: Have you dreamed of getting married under a waterfall or in a valley surrounded by mountains? The more unique the setting the harder, more expensive, and stressful it can be to hold a large wedding.

Less expensive: How does that saying go, “…From the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48). The bigger the celebration the more planning, organizing, decorating, vendors, expenses, and more will go into making your special day seamless.

With all that being said, every couple is unique, and every relationship is special. Whether you want a big, extravagant wedding or something small and intimate, pick the option that is best for you as a couple.

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