Meet the Founder

Arika Culp

Arika is the founder of Laced Events, a wedding event company
designed to guide and assist engaged couples planning their special day! You can think of Laced Events as either your very own manager or personal assistant, where as much or as little as you like is done for you.

Arika, an accomplished, creative, organized and vividly detailed
planner when it comes to wedding coordinating and design, was
mentored by a premiere event and staffing company. Then noticing
her infatuation and love for wedding planning, switched to a company who offers coordination as well as floral designs solely for weddings. With the knowledge and experience she gained from both of these great companies, Arika knew she wanted to do more.

This is why she created a platform that assists both the bride and
groom, as well as vendors allowing easy communication,
collaboration, budgeting, and organization making a seamless day you will always remember!

She is a wonderfully kind and motivated individual that brings joy and ease to those she works with. A down to earth individual who would love to hear from you! Make sure to say hello!